“For the spinal column, the more gentle the procedure, the better.” (Dr. med. Thomas Turczynsky

Dr. Med. Thomas Turczynsky, specialist for orthopaedics, trauma surgery and special pain therapy, has been practicing methods dealing with operation-preventive disc treatments and special pain-therapeutic problems of the spinal column for more than a decade.

The ageing of the spinal column is a naturally occurring and, at times, possibly painful process. This natural course of the pain needs to be given graduated support by a specialist. An individual step-by-step plan consists of a detailed interview, as well as a determined examination, pain scoring and imaging diagnosis, such as sonography, radiography and magnetic resonance imaging, so that pain chronicity can be prevented with therapeutic measures.

The following therapeutic procedures are applied individually, gradually or in combination:

STEP 1 | Conservative spinal column pain therapy


Neural therapy | acupuncture | osteopathy

The most common pain in the spinal column is often based on blockages of the vertebral joints with stimulus levels of particular spinal column musculature, ligaments and nerve roots. Osteopathic techniques – supported by neural therapy and acupuncture – often provide relief.