We can treat you with focused shock wave therapy against acute and chronic pain in the soft tissue of the posture and locomotor system. By means of high-energy sonic waves, we can even spare you an operation. Numerous studies prove that physiological illnesses, such as calcification and the unique pain they are causing can be treated successfully with the help of shock waves. Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment that is covering a broad spectrum of indications. In the process, various technologies and devices are employed. Additionally, certain trigger point areas can be treated with focused trigger point shock wave therapy. A combination of both can also be useful.

We offer the following treatment methods:

Focused shock wave therapy uses mechanical waves that are similar to ultrasound but have a high frequency and energy density. They are formed through the evaporation of water, which is being initiated through a spark discharge. The shock wave is first generated inside an apparatus outside the human body and is then bundled within a burning point inside the body (the location of effect). Here is where its impact is unfolding without hurting the skin. In urology, shock waves have been used for the treatment of kidney stones for several years and have repeatedly proven their effectiveness. Besides their mechanical force utilised for the therapy, there are no known side effects. Shock waves follow a classic principle of physics: the waves are produced pneumatically, thus with pressure. This kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy. The well-known spherical model illustrates the mechanism of shock wave therapy.