• Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

    The Private Medical Center’s medical focus is on orthopaedics and trauma surgery. Every disease and disorder of the posture and locomotor system is going to be treated in our center – after a careful questioning, examination and potentially a visual diagnosis, such as sonography, radiography or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, has taken place. We have a wide range of both conventional and surgical therapy options available for you and your health.

  • Spinal Column Competence Center

    A particular core competence of the Private Medical Center is spinal pain therapy in the field of orthopaedics and trauma surgery. The ageing of the spinal column is a naturally occurring and, at times, possibly painful process. This natural course of the pain needs to be given graduated support by a specialist. An individual step-by-step plan consists of a detailed interview, as well as a determined examination, pain scoring and imaging diagnosis, such as sonography, radiography and magnetic resonance imaging, so that pain chronicity can be prevented with therapeutic measures.

  • shock wave therapy

    We can treat you with focused shock wave therapy against acute and chronic pain in the soft tissue of the posture and locomotor system. By means of high-energy sonic waves, we can even spare you an operation. Numerous studies prove that physiological illnesses, such as calcification and the unique pain they are causing can be treated successfully with the help of shock waves. Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment that is covering a broad spectrum of indications. In the process, various technologies and devices are employed. Additionally, certain trigger point areas can be treated with focused trigger point shock wave therapy. A combination of both can also be useful.

  • Competence Center for Osteology

    The Private Medical Center, in association with the Competence Center for Osteology focuses on another feature. Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease worldwide. In Germany alone, approximately 8 million people are affected by the illness – primarily women after menopause and the elderly. The number of new cases every year is estimated at 885.000. The recognition of risk factors, precautions and preventive measures are our main focuses.

  • General Medicine

    In addition to orthopaedic treatments and trauma surgery, we also offer general medical primary care in our interdisciplinary practice. Patients with physical or mental health problems are going to receive an exact diagnosis and optimal medical care. We can derive the choice of suitable treatment measures from our long-standing and extensive medical experience and the information obtained from diagnosis.

  • Behaviour and Psychotherapy

    When chronic pain does not only have a somatic background, but is influenced by multiple psychological phenomena, behaviour therapy and psychotherapy are setting in. Psychological pain therapy approaches can provide valuable assistance in impacting on the pain circuit in a positive way. Behaviour- and psychotherapy makes our center of interdisciplinary specialists complete.

  • Sports-Medical Performance Diagnostics

    Our practice connects sports-medical examination, counselling and supervision with performance diagnostics of all age groups. Orthopaedics and internal medicine/cardiology are cornerstones for this. Modern physiotherapy is another link between prevention and concomitant therapy of our treatment foci.

  • Energetic Healing

    Besides conventional medicine, the Private Medical Center brings together approaches of spiritual recovery. Particularly with regard to chronic illnesses and incurable cases, energetic flows can contribute to a significant relief of the symptoms, frequently even to a complete recovery. Therefore, the Private Medical Center sets another priority with the Center for Energetic Healing.